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Ricardo Gallo is an Argentine dancer and teacher. He was born in Buenos Aires on January 14th in 1964. From 1988 he studies Argentine Tango with most popular teachers like Raul Bravo, Pepito Avellaneda. He improves his studies following important lessons mantained by teachers like Juan Carlos Copes, Eduardo Arquinbau, Miguel Angel Zotto, Juan Bruno.

He developes his natural art with most popular dancers, pricipal personages of the Tango culture to acquire more and more and to achieve the whole professionality which will be able to publish the Tango, as a great dance in all the world, helped by the useful collaboration of many Argentine artists, musicians, actors besides of dancers.

He takes part to cultural events, either solist or in collaboration; he dances with success in numerous events in Argentina and in most parts of the world, like following: “Taconeando” (San Telmo – Federal Capital), “Conde Raff”, “Club Almagro”, “Salòn Canning”, “La Galeriìa”, “Club Sundrland”, “Hotel Savoy”, “Club Gricel”, “El Viejo Correo”.

He appears in TV during the programme “Big Values of Tango”; he exhibits himself in the Atrical opera “A slanted story of Ricardo Monti” in the liberarte hall, for the Taller of Theatre of the Lawyers’ Association of Buenos Aires, the house of gobierno and in the International Festival of the Tango “Palace of ice” in Buenos Aires.

During his european tournée, he takes part to relevant shows in: Rome, Milan, Bologna, Venice, Trieste, Verona, La Spezia, Pisa, Emerald Coast-Sardinia, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Paris, Geneva. 

The publication of the Tango in Europe has also been sponsored by “Amerindia Cultural Association” and by “National Foundation of art universities” of Buenos Aires.

He teaches Tango, Milonga, Valse in Argentina and foreign countries, to professionals and to principiants organising courses, private lessons of various levels, beginners, advanced and professionals. He’s a permanent dancer of the company (Hyperion International Group) in Italy. A photographic service of Ricardo appeared on Gioia magazine (n. 17 – May 1st in 1999), while since June 1999 the dancer has engaged in courses, stages and exhibitions in Manila, Hong Kong, Singapore.

From October 1998, he regularly holds course and stages besides individual lessons in various cities.

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